Below are demos of all songs from Force Ten Gayle.

Most are guitar demos sung by the songwriter, Neil Bastian.  But in the show they’ll be full-band, piano-led arrangements, inspired mainly by Shirley Bassey and John Barry.

  1. Force Ten Gayle
  2. You’ve Always Been There for Me
  3. This Is How You Treat Me
  4. There’s Nothing Left
  5. The Songs Nobody Sings
  6. You’re Out There Somewhere
  7. Malibu Skies / My Lucky Break
  8. Ignorance Is Bliss
  9. I Wanna Show You Off
  10. Brand-New Secret
  11. This Is How You Treat Me (Reprise)
  12. Real, Live Mother
  13. Who Am I Now?
  14. Newspaper Girl
  15. There’s No Album
  16. My Darling Boy
  17. Another Star
  18. Negotiation Song
  19. Do I Really Wanna Meet Her?
  20. Where Were You?
  21. One Thing Led to Another
  22. Thank You

SoundCloud playlist of all demos: