Force Ten Gayle is a new musical by Neil Bastian, writer of The Mayfly Man.

It features two huge new musical theatre roles for two fiftysomething women.

Read the libretto.


At the start of her career, fame-hungry singer Gayle Bailey gave away her only son for adoption.

But 25 years later, on her 50th birthday, Gayle’s record sales are in freefall. Her label drops her and her third husband marries a younger model.

Aching for some kind of meaning in life, she tracks down the boy she abandoned at birth.

He turns out to be struggling young Nebraska songwriter, Jason Gates.

Gayle hires him on the pretext of writing her (non-existent) new album.

But one drunken Malibu night, she blurts out the truth.

She’s his long-lost mother. She has proof. And she wants to be part of his life.

Jason is reeling.

Should she tell his beloved adopted mother, Suzy, a terminally ill supermarket checkout girl from Grand Island – who also happens to be the world’s biggest Gayle Bailey fan?

With storming ballads, family turmoil and a whirlwind of emotions, get ready to be blasted by FORCE TEN GAYLE.

> Listen to demos for the show

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